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Tired of the rush to finish all those Christmas projects? This is the place to challenge yourself to complete at least one project a month for an entire year. The color of the months are just suggestions; our goal is to just have fun, ease holiday stress, and create! Projects are due at the end of each month. Remember to share your creations with the rest of us with a link to your blog or photo sharing site in the comments.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yay !! Another project completed

Beautiful Crystal Jar

We have another project complete. I am so pleased at the variety we have so far. You'll be surprised at what the crystals are on this. So much fun to see what people are making. Here's the link so you can be inspired and make your ownjar, I know I will be. Thanks for sharing :)


  1. I love the variety of projects!
    Check mine out!

  2. Not sure how I'm supposed to post, but check out my White Project here:

  3. Hi,
    Sort of new at this, how do we post our projects to this site? Mine is all ready to share :-)
    Lisa over at

  4. Lisa from again. Here is the direct link to my project:


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